What age do I have to be?

Muay Thai is for all ages from as young as 6.

What clothes can I wear to train in?

Ideally we recommend to purchase our uniform Thai boxing shorts and vest, however, your own t-shirt and shorts will be adequate to begin with.

What equipment do I need?

In your first few sessions as a beginner we can supply you with spare gloves to hit pads with, but you will need to purchase, at the very least, a pair of bag gloves should you choose to train regularly. Sparring gloves, shin pads, a gum shield and groin guard are required for sparring. All of these items are available to purchase from the gym.

Can anybody take part in sparring?

As long as you hold a membership (which includes license with the ISKA), you may take part in sparring under instruction to ensure it is done so safely. The necessary equipment is listed above, and sparring cannot be carried out without these.

Are the classes suitable for people without martial arts experience or fitness?

Absolutely! We cater for all levels of fitness and experience, and our instructors will make sure you are able to train safely. In fact, Muay Thai is a great way to kick start your fitness.

What do you recommend for those who are not yet confident enough to take part in open sessions?

For women who prefer to train in an environment free from men, we run women only classes once a week. Many of our students, both men and women, can also book private training sessions with our instructors to gain more confidence before joining the open sessions if they wish.

Do the classes involve any full contact?

Sparring is optional, so don’t worry, you will not be hit by anyone nor will you be required to hit anyone else. You will only be required to hit pads as part of the

Do you take in sponsors?

We are currently sponsored by Flower Delivery UK & Netmorem2m.com. Do you want to sponsor the club? please contact us here!