Open sessions

Open sessions are suitable for men and women of all experiences, whether you have never been to the gym before or are a regular fighter.

The class is a mixture of aerobic exercises, thorough stretching and of course pad work, all of which work in synergy to target strength, fitness and calorie burn. On the pads, you will be taught specific Muay Thai techniques and how to apply these with intensity to stimulate a full body workout. Towards the end of the session, you will be given the opportunity to practice these techniques with less intensity on the bags or pads. Sparring may also take place during this time

Our Muay Thai classes are fully scalable, so a veteran is able to feel just as challenged as a beginner. If you’ve never trained before, our friendly instructors and students are always at hand to help you both learn the skills as well as enjoy your workout.

Beginners only need to bring comfortable workout clothes with them – shorts and a vest top or t-shirt will do, and trainers are not required. We can supply gloves for beginners but if you have your own, please do bring them. Sparring is optional, but requires some experience to practice, therefore you will only be able to take part with an instructor’s approval, providing you have your own sparring equipment.

Price: £12 for non-members and £10 for members.
Class duration: 2 hours.

Monday 8-10pm
Tuesday 8-10pm
Wednesday 8-10pm
Thursday 8-10pm
Friday 8-10pm
Saturday 3-5pm
Sunday 5-7pm